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The official SGelder coin (symbol: GELD) ICO-start is Monday, 07th of August 2017, 10am CET

til 6th of September 2017

Contribution just ended. Thank you to all of you

who contributed. SoerenGelder.com appreciates that much.

Exchange-listing is 7.9.2017, 7 Uhr am CET. For SGelderCoin holder here

further information about the exchange listing in English and German.

ETH-address: 0xA64AD5dA94137327F0895AC8C3A10924af73400d

Bitcoin (BTC) address: 1EUruZctPWtMdyJoqz7UjNRxbGU3cYH26B

Set the gas-limit to 200000 and minimum 50 Gwei.

Just in case (happens sometimes) that you

can not see the purchased SGelder Coins, add

them manually easy:

Login at www.MyEtherWallet.com or any other ETH wallet

and click "Add custom token".

Then fill inside the fields the following:

Address: 0x24083bb30072643c3bb90b44b7285860a755e687

Symbol: GELD

Decimals: 18

Then click "Save" and double-click beside the symbol "GELD"

and the amount will appear within 24-48 after your purchase.

You will receive the SGELDER (Symbol: GELD) coins within 24-48 hours

in your wallet. Simply double-click then beside the GELD-symbol and the

amount of SGELDER token will appear in your wallet.

Or send min 0.001 BTC to: