ICO - Initial Coin Offering - for SGELDER (GELD) Coins Whitepaper Roadmap German

Pre-ICO of SGelder Coins PLUS 20% bonus from 11th-23rd of July 2017

PLUS 50000 FREE SGelder coins for TOP 10 contributors:

The SGelder Coin (currency-symbol: GELD) got created,

to give the business-, financialeducation- and investment-

followers from SoerenGelder.com, a valuable growthmedium

with big potential for the future.

From 11th, 10am CET-23rd of July 2017 you have the unique opportunity

to get SGelder coins with a 20% bonus.

Example: You buy for min USD 100 exactly 10000

SGelder-Coins and get 12000 SGelder Coins, because:

1 SGelder Coin is worth: USD 0,.01, or ETH 0,00005.

Minimum purchase of SGelder Coins by purchasing

with USD is: EUR 100

Minimum purchase for ETH (Ethereum) or

Bitcoin (BTC) purchaser of SGelder Coins is:

ETH: 0,01 or. BTC 0,001 BTC (~USD 2,10),

which equals 210 SGelder Coins (depends on the

price of ETH and BTC at the purchase-date).

40 million of 50m SGelder Coins are on offer,

the rest of 10 million is a reserve amount.

We will not mine any other SGelder Coins in future.

The SGelder Coin is limited to 50m.

50000 FREE SGelder coins for TOP 10 contributors.

Get for a short time the one-time bonus of 20%

for the SGelder Coin:

Pre-ICO finished since 23rd of July 2017.

ICO starts 7th of August 2017.

Or send min 0.01 Ethereum (ETH) to:

Pre-ICO finished since 23rd of July 2017

(The below video explains how it works with ETH)

Or send min 0.001 Bitcoin (BTC) to:

Pre-ICO finished since 23rd of July 2017


SGEL token address to add SGelder Coins (symbol: GELD) to your wallet: